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Time to Rethink how you do Conferences

3 Oct 2014

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The chances are that once a company has booked and held a conference, meeting or event at one venue the likelihood of them using the same venue again for their next event are considerably higher. Why change something that worked well the first, second or even the third time? Well, there are more reasons than… Read more »

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Truly Unique Conference Facilities

12 Sep 2014

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There are many elements that can make or break an event, meeting or training session, none more so than the conference facilities and location. There is a range of conference venues to choose from, but how many of them can actually meet all of your requirements? The answer is probably not that many, and this… Read more »

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How to Organise a Successful Conference

27 Aug 2014

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The key to organising a successful conference is thorough and meticulous planning. From organising the invitee list to thanking attendees after the event, there are many areas that need to be considered.

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A Conference Centre that Inspires

8 Aug 2014

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The Conference Centre is designed with two wings connected by the central Refectory or dining room. Ten variously-sized seminar rooms, as well as a large hall, provide a range of facilities for conferences, seminars, training sessions, workshops and meetings.

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Northgate House - Open Now

The perfect overnight stay

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Yesterdays annual Outdoor Learning & Sustainability Conference for teachers in the South West. The wonderful artis…

01:34 PM Mar 09

South west peninsula annual music conference with us again today, another happy and successful event. @CMusicHUB

04:19 PM Feb 08