22 Feb 2017

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There is a tradition of contemplation within most religions and belief systems, including Christianity. This tradition has more recently become increasingly popular in the corporate world with Mindfulness. It’s ability to increase productivity and work flow, as well as providing a welcome break from the stresses of day-to-day life, have proved invaluable in the corporate environment.

The basic principles of mindfulness are that it brings us into the present moment. A chance to focus on what is happening in the now and build an awareness of our thoughts. When practicing mindfulness, it allows us to improve our focus and ultimately our productivity.

Naturally, the benefits of this practice are widely praised in the corporate world and are progressively being incorporated into conferences to increase the productivity of delegates during the day.


The benefits of Mindfulness

There are many benefits to mindfulness. Below you will read a selection of some of the most advantageous.


Greater Focus

It is easy to get distracted in a working environment. With so many different tasks to juggle and so much information to consume, it can be easy for the mind to be led to other things. Mindfulness brings you back to the present and to the task at hand enabling better consumption of information and a fresher approach to each activity.


Producing better work

The foundation of mindfulness is attention training. So, it’s hardly surprising that one of the most obvious benefits of this practice is producing better work. In a conference setting, taking time out to concentrate on the now is an excellent way to increase results on the day and ensure delegates stay focused.



Stressing about future scenarios that haven’t happened is a pointless habit but one that the human brain has a routine ability to do. Mindfulness can teach us how to redirect these negative and worrying thoughts back to the present moment and remind us that the future hasn’t happened and so far, is not controlling our present circumstances. This means a better night’s sleep, improved concentration and all important relaxation.


Effective Planning

Applying mindfulness techniques when planning is an excellent way to cut out any distractions. When incorporating mindfulness, it can make the planning process more effective and therefore productive.


Gone are the days when delegates were happy with a small room in the basement of an inner-city hotel.  Having a relaxing environment to practice mindfulness is now essential. A conference centre or workplace that offers a peaceful breakout area, gardens and space away from the noise and pollution of our daily lives will help to clear the mind and turn attention to the task at hand.

Delegates frequently comment on the tranquility at Buckfast Abbey. For centuries, it has been a place of reflection something which is present in the beautiful setting of the conference centre. No noise pollution or long traffic queues mean delegates arrive feeling refreshed and with a little added mindfulness, productivity levels will be through the roof.

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